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Punta del Este

17 de Agosto, 2022
One of the most beautiful cities of the continent, located where the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean waters mix.

One of the most beautiful cities of the continent, located where the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean waters mix.


Gorlero Avenue

Main shopping street, with restaurants, banks, casino, slots, and others.


Plaza (square) Artigas

Gorlero between 25 and 23 street.

Crafts Fair that brings together artisans and artists.


Calle 20 – Fashion Road

It is an outdoors shopping where international brands can be found. In a privileged setting, glamorous seven blocks constitute a must see.


Rambla de Circunvalación

Promenade of the peninsula. Classical stroll around the peninsula.


Liga de Fomento y Turismo

Playa Mansa, Stop 1.

Cultural and Tourist Information Centre.


Gastronomic Area

On the promenade toward the port offering multiple options.


Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Port

Discovered on February 2, 1516 by Juan Díaz de Solís. Marina.


Isla Gorriti (Island)

2 kilometers from the marina.

Important historical site that can be visited daily, has restaurant services during the summer in the middle of a beautiful pine forest with several trails to take a stroll.


Plazoleta Gran Bretaña - Punta de las Salinas.

Here you can find the anchor of the British warship Ajax. This ship participated in the historical Battle of the River Plate in 1939. In this point was established the limit between the River Plate  and the Atlantic Ocean.


Zona del Faro (Lighthouse area)

10th street. Plaza del Faro. (Lighthouse


 Is the most historic area of the seaside resort, where are located the oldest summer residences. In the same area is the Meteorological Station, the Parish of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria and Punta del Este Lighthouse, in service since 1860.


Paseo de Pablo Neruda Museum

9 and 11 street.


Isla de Lobos (Lobos Island)

Located eight kilometres from the coast, in front of the oceanic beaches. Live there more than 200,000 sea lions. The Island Lighthouse was built in 1906 and has a range of 22.5 nm light.


Image of the Virgen de la Candelaria

Rambla General Artigas y Calle 27.

Patron virgin of the city, work of the Sculptor Mario Lazo, installed on February 2nd, 1982.


Paseo de Las Americas

Playa Brava, Parada 1.

Artworks group of American sculptors: Fuente de Agua, de Gyula Kosice; Cinco Columnas Negras y una Colorada, de Enio Iomo; Ala de Gaviota, de Hernán Jugiari; La Mano, de Mario Irarrazabal; Metal Pintado de Rojo, de Edgard Negret; La U, de Francisco Matos; El Vacío, de Waltercio Caldes Jr. Ofrenda de Paz...Mensaje de Vida de G. Ramírez.


Roosevelt Avenue – Artigas Boulevard

These are the main traffic routes linking Punta del Este with Maldonado and lead to the main commercial centre of the resort.


Plaza México

Av. Italia and Biarritz – Parada 4

Green spaces and modern playground with free  access.


Barrio Cantegril

At the stop 14 you can enter to one of the most historic residential areas of Punta del Este where is located the Cantegril Country Club.


Azotea de Haedo

Bvar. Artigas and Mercedes- Barrio Cantegril

Residence of the former uruguayan President Eduardo Víctor Haedo.

Cultural Center - Collection of Art and History.


Seaside neighborhoods

On Brava Beach, like San Rafael, Golf Park, Beverly Hills and Rincon del Indio. Mainly green spaces, diversity of architectural styles, buildings with large gardens, hotels, golf courses and restaurants.


Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center

Av. Pedragosa Sierra y Aparicio Saravia

5400 mts2 of conferences rooms whit a capacity of 4000 delegates and 5600 mts2 of exhibition area within a hall over 6700 mts2.


Ralli Museum

Curupay and Los Arrayanes. Beverly Hills.


Parque El Jagüel

Av. Aparicio Saravia esq. Pedragosa Sierra

15 hectares of a completely renovated park, green areas and reserve of native plants.

Area with wooden games made by local carpenters and high-tech games that are designed in different materials, ordered by age groups for the care of the smallest.

Free access.


Parque Indigena

Av. Aparicio Saravia

On the banks of the Arroyo Maldonado, municipal park with specimens of the native flora. Barbecue area, free access.


Parada 36 (Playa Brava)

Natural lookout to the mouth of the Arroyo Maldonado in the Atlantic Ocean. Oceanic Contemplation Sculpture, sculptor Gonzalo Ramirez.